Edmund Cramp, President

Edmund has a long history of working with gait and motion analysis systems, starting with Oxford Metrics (now Vicon Motion Systems) in 1981. Prior to this he worked for the Oxford Instruments Group in Oxford, supervising the servicing and support of the original Oxford Instruments Medilog Holter EKG monitors. Moving to the United States in April 1977, he was soon running the US service department from Columbia, MD and then leading the development of a Sudden Infant Death Syndrome monitoring system after the company moved to Clearwater, FL. In 1983 Edmund was assigned to provide techical support for the first Vicon Motion Capture systems installed in the USA at West Virginia University, Boston Children's Hospital and Helen Hayes Hospital.

Edmund formed Motion Lab Systems in 1987 - initially to build and supply a reliable EMG system of his own design with an emphasis on reliability and ease of use. The introduction of the MA-100 EMG system, followed by the MA200 and MA300/400 range of systems bought technical innovation to the world of electromyography resulting in smaller, lighter, reliable EMG systems that bought both quality and ease of use to the Motion and Gait Laboratories.

Motion Lab Systems gradually expanded in the following years to supply EMG preamplifiers and other equipment for gait and biomechanics labs throughout the world. In addition, Edmund has been the force behind the adoption of the public domain support of the C3D file format which has become the lingua franca of the 3D biomechanics community.

Motion Lab Systems believes that customer support is the basis for a successful company and supports its users worldwide, while still ensuring that any user can discuss a problem with a friendly voice on the telephone when necessary.

Carolyn Maher, Financial Controller

Carolyn has over twenty years of financial management experience with biomechanics, electromyography and motion capture companies, as well as biomechanics customers and users worldwide. Her expertise has been essential in the commercial development of Motion Lab Systems throughout most of its history.

Carolyn has been working with gait and motion labs since 1992 and regularly attends conferences and exhibitions. She is involved in many aspects of product development and corporate planning for Motion Lab Systems.