Electromyography Software

32/64 compatible - this program runs on any 32-bit or 64-bit Windows operating system.

Motion Lab Systems offers a range of software applications that support both complex EMG Analysis and provide standard EMG Graphing functions for research users. All of our software applications run on any 32-bit or 64-bit Windows operating system and fully support the biomechanics standard C3D file format.

All Motion Lab Systems software is available in evaluation versions that allow you to download the program directly from this web site and try it in your own lab before deciding if you wish to purchase the application. If you have a problem with any evaluation program then please contact us for technical assistance.

All of our EMG analysis and display software packages have easy to use graphical interfaces that make it each to learn to use all of the features of each program. Each application includes a comprehensive help facility, a full color manual and customer support for one year - software updates are available at any time directly from our web site. While our EMG software can take advantage of some specific features built into our EMG systems for data calibration, the applications are compatible with many other manufacturers EMG systems that generate raw EMG signals.

All our EMG software applications read standard C3D data files - in addition to universal C3D support, our EMG Analysis and Basic EMG Graphing packages read the native file formats produced by Motion Analysis Corporation, B|T|S, Vicon (including the obsolete RSX and VAX data formats that are no longer supported by Oxford Metrics). Both EMG ANalysis and EMG Graphing read the Dataq analog formats used by our data acquisition system and store processed data in C3D files.

EMG Analysis - A research quality EMG analysis program that implements powerful new analysis methods using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) techniques. This application, like the simpler EMG Graphing program, fully supports all C3D formats as well as several older file formats (Vicon, BTS, Motion Analysis etc), and raw data from Dataq Data Acquisition systems for stand-alone functionality. This program makes EMG report generation easy for Biomechanics and Research applications - simply open any supported file format (C3D, ADC, Windaq, ANA, BTS EMG etc) and view the EMG data. If the file includes gait event information then the gait cycles will be automatically detected and plotted - gait cycle data can be entered by frame number or via the easy to use, familiar graphical interface. Then select the desired report and let EMG Analysis print it in full color on any printer supported by Windows.
EMG Graphing - A simple and easy to use EMG program that graphs EMG data to produce reports of the EMG activity. Supports raw EMG and Rectified EMG output by Trial and Gait Cycle from C3D files as well as older formats (Vicon, BTS, Motion Analysis etc), and raw data from Dataq Data Acquisition. This program uses the same, intuitive graphical environment as our EMG Analysis application making it exceptionally easy to use and is an ideal program for anyone starting a Clinical Gait lab. It produces EMG reports using raw or rectified EMG data for complete trials and individual gait cycles. A trial report, showing EMG activity and gait timing, can be produced by simply opening the EMG data file and printing it. Nothing could be simpler! Opens C3D, ADC, Windaq, ANA, and BTS EMG data files.