ReportGenerator Software

32/64 compatible - this program runs on any 32-bit or 64-bit Windows operating system.

Designed for use with C3D file that contain kinematic data from programs such as Plug in Gait from Vicon, this program enables anyone to design, display and print data from as many as 120 C3D files in any single graph or report. ReportGenerator is compatible with, and can read, standard report definition files (RPT files) created by the Vicon Clinical Manager application (now discontinued but formerly sold by Oxford Metrics Ltd). These report definition files can be edited interactively from within ReportGenerator. This program is the ideal graphing tool for anyone who has been using VCM to generate graphical reports and needs direct printed output.

ReportGenerator is a feature-rich application, written specifically to address the many shortcomings of both Vicon Clinical Manager, Polygon and many other C3D reporting tools, ReportGenerator creates reports that print directly on any printer supported by Windows, exported as bitmap (.BMP) files to almost any document or application and fully supports copy and paste into applications such as Word etc.

ReportGenerator can also export and normalize any C3D file variable. One of the features of ReportGenerator is its support for the creation of ASCII GCD files containing Gait Cycle Data from any C3D file created by Vicon Plug-In-Gait. This makes it a simple process to extract ASCII data, already normalized in "n" points into files suitable for Excel, MATLAB or SAS.

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Download the current version from this page - this release includes support for 32 and 64-bit systems running Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Administrative rights are only required during installation - the application can run at a standard user privelege level.



Gait Cycle Calculation (GCC) module

The Gait Cycle Calculation module can extract variables directly from the C3D file. This is enables ReportGenerator to calculate numeric values based on the contents of any GCD file (existing GCD files, or GCD data that has been extracted from "Plug-in-Gait" C3D files). This feature allows the user to quickly determine the values of various data points of interest within the GCD file – for example it is now trivial to measure and report the value of maximum knee flexion, the time within the gait cycle when a maximum occurs, the slope of any section of the gait cycle data, or the power over any period within the gait cycle. The GCC module allows almost any number of functions to be created – each function creating a variable that can be stored within the GCD file or used and referenced by subsequent calculations. All calculated values can be written back to the GCD file for reference, or can be accessed by other software packages.

C3D and GCD Variables

The Motion Lab Systems ReportGenerator application displays kinematic, kinetic, analog, and other information stored in GCD and C3D files created by Vicon Clinical Manager and Plug-in-Gait. In theory, the correspondences between the C3D variables generated by Plug-in-Gait, and the GCD variables generated by Vicon Clinical Manager, should make it easy to compare data generated by the two applications. However, in practice, the differences in the way that the data is stored between the Vicon Clinical Manager created GCD files, and the Plug-in-Gait created C3D files, has made this very difficult. ReportGenerator solves this problem by reading both file formats and converting the C3D file formatted data into GCD file data. This conversion process is carried out whenever a C3D file is opened by ReportGenerator and allows the user to select the gait cycle of interest as well as the resolution of the GCD file data.

ReportGenerator has been designed to give the Clinician and Physician the same report format that they have been using with Vicon Clinical Manager while making it easier to enhance the reports with addition information and data. It is intended to enhance, not replace, other products, such as Vicon Clinical Manager, Vicon Plug-in-Gait, or Vicon Polygon.