C3Dserver Software

32/64 compatible - this program runs on any 32-bit or 64-bit Windows operating system.

The Motion Lab Systems C3Dserver is a C3D Software Development Kit (SDK) with support for 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows™ environments. It is supplied with sample applications for Excel™, as well as source code for applications written in Visual Basic and C++. The C3Dserver SDK evaluation version is fully functional and available free of charge for individual or non-commercial use or can be licensed for commercial or high speed use. It can be used with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of MATLAB and Lab View.

The evaluation version of the C3Dserver is free for all non-commercial applications and users. It includes full documentation, together with source code for sample applications. The only difference between the evaluation version and the commercially licensed versions of the C3Dserver is the speed of execution - the licensed versions of the C3Dserver run approximately 10-50 times faster (depending on your program implementation).

All programs built with the evaluation version can be converted high-speed versions by purchasing an inexpensive licensed version of the C3Dserver. The only function difference between the commercial licensed and the free evaluation software installations is the speed of code execution - all function calls perform identically. The evaluation version does not expire, can be redistributed, and can be used to write and distribute code for any commercial or non-commercial purpose.

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Download the current version from this page - this release includes support for 32 and 64-bit systems running Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Administrative rights are only required during installation - the application can run at a standard user privelege level.

C3Dserver Features

The C3Dserver includes a free C3D file editor

C3D Software Development made easy

The C3Dserver installation includes several useful applications, complete with source code that can be complied into fully functional applications - allowing almost any programmer to be writing programs to access C3D files within a few hours of installation - just declare a few variables and call a single function to create a C3D file that can be read by anyone.

The PDF manual included with the C3Dserver documents each function and provides example code - programs can be written within Word™ documents, Access™, and Excel™ using VB macros to access data in C3D files.

A simple C3D file editor is included with the C3Dserver to provide an essential tool for developers. The file editor is written in Visual Basic with all file access provided via calls to the C3Dserver and includes complete Visual Basic source code. In addition, the installation applications to create C3D files (with C++ source code) and a software test harness allowing the user to demonstrate and verify each of the C3Dserver functions.

The C3D file format is a public domain format supported by most motion capture and gait lab equipment manufacturers such as Bioengineering Technology & Systems (BTS), Charnwood Dynamics (CODA), Motion Analysis Corporation, Motion Lab Systems, Peak Performance, Qualisys, and Vicon Motion Systems etc. Any data stored in a C3D file can be exchanged and accessed by many different laboratories and applications.

The C3Dserver includes a free C3D file editor

"Ghost Remove" - a commercial C3Dserver application

It's easy to write and distribute bullet-proof commercial C3D software using the C3Dserver to provide complete C3D file access while you build your application. Ghost Remove is a commercial C3D application that opens any C3D file and allows the user to remove unwanted 3D markers (short or nonexistent trajectories called "ghosts") as well as unused analog channels.

The basic Ghost Remove code was written in one day using .NET 3.5 and the C3Dserver and is distributed - together with a free copy of the C3Dserver as a demo version, independently of the users C3Dserver registration. While there's no need to purchase a commercial license to use the C3Dserver, your applications will run anything from 10 to 50 times as fast with the registered C3Dserver.

Ghost Remove is supplied with a sample C3D file that is reduced from 4.7MB to under 300kB by allowing the application to automatically remove unused 3D markers and analog channels. An additional "check box" compresses the parameter block for additional savings. Using the Ghost Remove application on a typical 10 trial session could save as much as 44MB of disk space resulting in faster data access and transfer speeds without any data loss!