MA-411 EMG Preamplifier

MA-411 - A surface preamplifier with a x20 gain, designed for EMG signals.

Featuring a differential input design, the design of the Motion Lab Systems EMG preamplifiers enables researchers to produce high-quality, low-noise EMG data from subjects under the most adverse conditions (e.g. on treadmills, using mobile phones etc.) with minimal skin preparation or subsequent signal processing.
The MA-411 EMG preamplifier has been designed for ease of use and reliability, and provides superb performance in day to day use, as well as in the hands of the researcher or first time user. Unlike other EMG preamplifiers, Motion Lab Systems preamplifiers incorporate both radio frequency interference (RFI) filters and electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection circuitry resulting in an extraordinarily reliable EMG preamplifier that can be used in almost any environment.


Mechanical Specifications

Electrical Specifications

Connector Options

This preamplifier is available with a DC or AC coupled output - the 002 and 003 connector options are AC coupled (100nF), while the 000 and 001 options are DC coupled.

Available with HyperTac D series connectors for use the Therapeutics Unlimited EMG systems.