MA-300 EMG System

myon EMG systems

The myon RFTDs deliver high data rate transmission quality even with weak input signals. New proprietary technologies eliminate signal overlap, false signals and other potential artifacts. The transmission algorithms acquire the signals in real time - synchronized and without offset.

Latency is the same for all EMG channels and constant at 16ms - less than half that of similar Wi-Fi systems from other companies.

Zero wires - the myon system eliminates wires on the subject and speeds the subject preparation. Just connect the EMG snap leads and attach to the subject. No setup procedures, no synchronizing between transmitters and receivers, no initialization.

Motion Lab Systems is pleased to offer myon Radio Telemetry Devices as an alternative to our traditional EMG systems for biomechanics laboratories and universities that require a zero wire EMG environment within a small laboratory space with zero configuration and setup. A typical myon system consists on one or more myon transmitters (RFTDs) and a myon receiver. Each myon receiver can handle up to 16 transmitters - up to 32 transmitters can be supported using dual receivers.

myon RFTDs - Radio Frequency Transmitting Devices

The myon RFTDs are lithium polymer powered devices for wireless transmission of different sensor signals such as goniometers, ECG and EMG. myon RFTDs allow sensor data to be seamlessly integrated into biomechanics and sports contexts. These devices are slim and lightweight, with a minimal application surface and secure adhesive plane. They are constructed to allow precise positioning on the body. Each myon system is capable of acquiring up to 32 EMG or accelerometer channels within the laboratory environment.

Features myon EMG specification myon ACC specification
Bandwidth 5Hz to 500Hz -3dB 1Hz to 800Hz -3dB
Range x1000 fixed gain +/-16g
Radio Telemetry Frequency 2.4 GHz ISM 2.4 GHz ISM
Group Delay 16 ms 16 ms
Weight 25 gm 25 gm
Range 30 metres 30 metres
Battery life 8 to 10 hours. 6 to 8 hours.

Quality based on international scientific standards

The myon system utilizes advanced and well-engineered technology that guarantees high grade signal quality without artifacts at both the signal processing and transmission stages. Processing of the sensor signals with the myon RFTDs implements ISEK and other internationally accepted scientific standards, superior 5Hz to 1kHz signal bandwidth, 12-bit resolution, 4kHz sampling rate comply with the extensive recommendations of renowned scientific institutions and work groups. The 5Hz-500kHz signal bandwidth is similar to other modular Wi-Fi EMG systems, yet the group delay (from the subject to recording device) of 16ms is less than half the delays of similar Wi-Fi EMG devices from other manufacturers.

Small, lightweight yet long battery life

The myon RFTDs are completely wireless. Additionally no reference electrodes or additional wires are necessary. The small, slim and lightweight myon RFTDs are simply attached at the place of measurement. The proprietary radio technology of the myon RFTDs guarantees transmission distances of up to 30 metres (100 feet) - without any repeating units applied to the patient or in the vicinity. The integrated batteries in the myon RFTD's permit up to 8 hours of continuous measurement. Recharging of the batteries is very quick, after only 30 to 60 minutes, RFTDs are completely recharged and ready to be used again.

myon recievermyon transmitter and charger

System compatibility

All myon systems produce clean analog signals suitable for most ADC (Analog Data Collection) devices and can be directly attached to any motion capture system that supports analog data collection over a range of +/-2.5V to +/-5V. All myon systems include proEMG lite software to view, capture and export EMG signals via ADC devices from National Instruments and Data Translation. The following ADC devices are supported by the myon ProEMG software.

Supported ADC device ADC specification
NI USB-6210 16 channels, 16-bit
NI USB-6215 16 channels, 16-bit
NI USB-6218 32 channels, 16-bit
NI USB-6225 80 channels, 16-bit
DT 9812 8 channels, 12-bit
DT 9813 15 channels, 12-bit
DT 9813 24 channels, 12-bit
DT 9803 16 channels, 16-bit

Two versions of the ProEMG software support data capture and export from the myon system, while a third version integrates with the Vicon Nexus software to provide EMG signal processing within the Vicon data collection environment:

Regulatory Information

myon AG, Haldenstrasse 5, 6342 Baar, Switzerland delares that the myon 320 system, comprising the m320TXA transmitter, m320RX reciever and charging cradle (m320CC) are in comformity withthe Council Directive 93/42/EEC for medical devices and the essential requirements and other relevant requirements of the Council Directive 1999/5/EC on radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment and the mutual recognition of their conformity (R&TTE).

The myon 320 hardware is fully RoHS-complient and is certified to comply with FCC reg 47 CFR Part 15 Subpart B in the United States. It is intended for research and investigational use and is not marketed for measurement purposes, or for use in the treatment and diagnosis of disease in humans.