8 channel EMG system

The Highest Performance MA400 EMG System

A complete EMG system, with sixteen band-pass filtered EMG channels suitable to fine-wire and surface recordings, eight event switch channels, four auxilary channels, ready to connect to any 3D motion or data collection system.

An optional MA720-USB EMG data collection system is available for standalone use.

A Complete 28 Channel EMG Systememg system backpack

The MA400-28 is, without a doubt, the top-of-the-line MA400 EMG System featuring 28 total data channels in one subject backpack. With 16 full bandwidth EMG channels, 4 auxiliary data channels and 8 on/off event channels this system can handle an amazing range of uses and configurations. With this system you have unmatched flexibility to select the required bandwidth, gain and preamplifier types. Like all of our MA400 EMG Systems, the MA400-28 is easy to use and, should you have any questions, our exceptional customer support will work with you to make sure you are getting the best data possible.

MA400-28 EMG systems include: