18 channel EMG system

MA400-18 EMG System- Affordable yet Versatile!

A complete EMG system, with six EMG channels, ready to connect to any 3D motion or data collection system.

An optional MA720-USB EMG data collection system is available for standalone use.

A Complete 18 Channel EMG System

The most affordable general purpose MA400 EMG System that features 6 full emg system backpackEMG channels, 4 extra auxiliary channels and 8 on/off event channels in one subject backpack. Offering dependable EMG signals this system includes everything you need to connect to your data collection or motion capture system, including 6 of your choice of preamplifiers. Featuring an 8 position high pass (artifact) filter, 8 position low pass filter, individual gain controls, subject jacket, and signal level indicators on each EMG channel.

MA400-18 EMG systems include: