MA-300 EMG System

Advanced Multi-Channel EMG Systems

We make a range of EMG systems and our two new EMG Systems, (MA300-XII and MA300-XVI) are dependable, advanced EMG Systems that are affordable for any facility with real-time performance and a guaranteed maximum delay of <2ms from input to output. Built with the same technology as our more advanced EMG systems, they offer the same high levels of reliability with a reduced feature set for the budget conscious purchaser. All of our EMG systems offer the same economical upgrade path to maximum performance if your requirements change in the future.

All EMG Systems Feature:

Our range of high performance EMG systems offer superior performance and a range of features that are simply not available on similar EMG systems from other manufacturers.

The rugged all metal construction and the ability to survive rough treatment make Motion Lab Systems the first choice in gait and research labs throughout the world.

System Comparison MA300-X Systems Advanced EMG Systems
MA300-XII MA300-XVI MA400-18 MA400-22 MA400-28
MA-300 EMG System backpack MA-300 EMG System backpack MA-300 EMG System backpack MA-300 EMG System backpack MA-300 EMG System backpack
Total Channels 12 16 18 22 28
EMG Channels 8 16 6 10 16
Auxiliary channels 4 0 4 4 4
Dedicated event channels 0 0 8 8 8
Package Included MA300-X systems Enhanced EMG systems
EMG bandwidth 10-1000 Hz -3dB 10-2000 Hz-3dB
EMG signal delay < 2 ms @ 1kHz. < 2 ms @ 1kHz., 1.2 ms @ 2kHz.
Variable high pass filter No Yes - 8 position HP filter included.
Variable low pass filter No Yes - 8 position LP filter included.
Preamplifier options Gel snap preamplifiers *1 User selected - gel/surface/fine-wire
Connector material Plastic BINDER Metal LEMO or BINDER option
Backpack support Adult Belt Adult and Child vests
Event switches included No Yes

*1 - Preamplifier upgrade to surface or fine-wire available.

MLS "Anytime Upgrade" allows you to upgrade your MA300 or MA400system to add additional channels or improved performance for the differance in price between your existing system and the new system.