EMG system packages

Our Range of EMG Systems

Motion Lab Systems offers a range of multi-channel electromyography systems to suit almost any application, from basic educational to human gait analysis, and any budget, from basic entry-level student research sEMG systems to specialized systems built for fine-wire, research and other custom applications including Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) and Parkinson's Studies.

Choosing an EMG System

If cost is the major factor in your decision, the MA300-X range of EMG systems may be the best choice while the MA400-18, -22, or -28 systems are ideal for biomechanics laboratories that require the maximum performance and flexibility with the need to customize the delivered system to specific needs.

We also offer a wireless system with zero wires - the myon telemetry system supports from 1 to 32 EMG channels.

Perhaps you don't need a full system? Don't forget that we also sell sEMG surface preamplifiers and discrete fine-wire preamplifiers that can be used for simple research projects if your application doesn't require a full EMG system with electrical isolation and UL approvals.

Features MA300-X systems MA400-18,22,28 myon
EMG Bandwidth 10Hz to 1,000Hz -3dB DC to 2,000Hz -3dB 5Hz to 1,000Hz -3dB
EMG Channels supported 8 or 16 6, 10 or 16 1 to 32
Variable highpass filter No Yes - 8 HP frequencies No - fixed 5Hz.
Variable Low Pass filter No - fixed 1kHz LP Yes - 8 LP frequencies No - fixed 1kHz
System delay < 2ms < 2ms 16 ms
EMG Preamplifiers MA420 snap leads MA411, MA416, or MA420 n/a
Fine wire support optional Yes No
Cabled Operation Yes Yes No
Radio Telemetry Option Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated events No Yes No
Software Supplied EMG Graphing EMG Analysis No
Backpack support One Belt Two Vests n/a
Event Switches Limited Functionality 8 Dedicated channels No

Radio Telemetry

Other manufacturers force users to chose either a cabled system or a radio-telemetry system - our MA300/400 systems are basically cabled systems that can be radio telemetry systems within seconds of connecting or MA300-RT option. And, unlike competing radio telemetry systems, the MA300 telemetry system has exactly the same performance and specification (including group delay or signal transmission delay of less than 2ms) as our cabled systems.

The New MA300-X Systems

Our two new EMG Systems (MA300-XII and MA300-XVI) are sold as packaged EMG systems and are designed to help our customers get the best value for a complete multi-channel electromyography system that meets their needs. As a "ready to use" packaged system, they offer the same uncompromising performance and unmatched data quality that our customers expect, but at an economical price.

Each of the MA300-XII and MA300-XVI packages includes:

Both the MA300-X systems are sold as standard systems to be connected to any data collection system. Each system is supplied with a set of our MA420 "snap lead" preamplifiers and 40 disposable Ag-AgCl gel electrodes. Surface or fine-wire preamplifiers can be purchased, together with other accessories such as additional Ag-AgCl electrodes, Coban™ tape and software applications.

Our Enhanced EMG Systems

Do you need an EMG system that is unrivaled in performance and flexibility? Do you have an list of requirements for your EMG lab that you just can't work without? Do you want to customize your system purchase for a specific study?

Each of the MA400-18, MA400-22 and MA400-28 systems includes:

Regardless of your needs, whether it's high performance metal connectors, a versatile signal bandwidth, or radio-telemetry - the enhanced MA400 packages are sure to make everyone in the lab happy. Our full featured EMG Systems are the best multi-channel EMG systems available today.