MA-720-EN Network Data Acquisition

Motion Lab Systems can integrate and supply a network analog data acquisition system using TCP/IP that is easy to install and use with any modern PC.  Unlike traditional ADC card installations which require that the ADC card is either inside or attached to the computer, a network data acquisition solution can be controlled remotely.

When used with the Windaq/Pro software, the MA-720-EN can record up to 32 channels of analog data with a total throughput of 50kHz. This permits a maximum sample rate of 3,125 samples/sec for 16 EMG channels for a bandwidth of up to 1.5kHz per channel.

The WinDaq/Pro data acquisition software package offers real time display and recording for the Windows environment. WinDaq/Lite (included with the MA-720 at no charge) offers all the features of WinDaq/Pro except recording EMG signals.

The multitasking abilities of the WinDaq software allow EMG data capture and the real-time display of the data to function while running any combination of programs in the foreground.

In addition the MA-720-EN offers many useful features such as data over sampling, channel labeling, time and date stamping and programmable gain that make it a perfect solution for all your EMG and other analog data collection needs.  

Naturally, all relevant Motion Lab Systems software packages can read the files produced by the MA-720. as well as other third-party applications including MATLAB.

Real Time Live EMG data

The MA-720-EN can display real-time EMG data on your PC in real time, as the subjects muscles contract while simultaneously recording the EMG data to disk. This offers substantial advantages over the traditional record and review afterwards approach and allows the EMG data collection process to be optimized - resulting in higher quality signals because problems with the data collection process can be fix as they arise.

MA-720-EN Specifications

System Features