Data Acquisition and Monitoring

Most motion capture systems include some form of analog data conversion and acquisition system to record EMG and kinematic data in sync with the 3D information. However these "ADC" system generally do not provide the type of display and monitoring needed for EMG data.

The addition of an MA720 to a motion capture system allows multi channel EMG data to be observed in real time and offers substantial benefits to the end user with increased EMG quality control.

Motion Lab Systems products work with virtually any analog data recording system, including those supplied with most major motion capture systems used in Gait Analysis and Biomechanics Laboratories as well as ADC systems from major vendors such as National Instruments etc. As a result, our products are compatible with any data collection system supported by common research tools such as LabVIEW, and MATLAB and makes an excellent upgrade or replacement for the obsolete RUN Technologies Datapak system.

However, many data acquisition systems that are supplied as part of the motion capture system or research solution usually do not offer any facility to view high speed EMG data in real-time - many so called "analog review" options with these system display data at low data rates that are suitable for monitoring force plate data but lack the sampling resolution to accurately display EMG information.

Motion Lab Systems recommends and supports a third-party ADC manufactured by Dataq which we offer, complete with all the interconnecting cables necessary to connect to a Motion Lab Systems EMG system as our MA-720 part number. The MA-720 can display real-time EMG data on your PC as the subjects muscles contract - offering substantial advantages over the traditional record and review afterwards approach. The compact MA-720 data  units can be connected via USB or TCP/IP network, offering simple plug-and-play connections to a PC or laptop.

The MA-720 can record up to 32 channels of analog data with a total throughput that is high enough to allow monitoring of the raw EMG signals and offers many useful features such as data over-sampling, channel labeling, time and date stamping and programmable gain, making it a perfect solution for all your EMG monitoring needs. Drivers are available for direct access via MATlab and LabView together with comprehensive Active-X support from Dataq.

The basic MA-720 provides the ability to monitor the EMG data. An optional, third party software package (Windaq/PRO from Dataq Instruments) can be added that allows the MA-720 to record and store the EMG data directly to disk - allowing the MA-720 to function as a standalone data acquisition system if desired. Naturally, all relevant Motion Lab Systems software packages read the files produced by the Windaq/Pro software.

Each MA-720 is shipped with the following items:

MA-720-USB Specifications

Includes 16 channel real-time EMG display software (WinDaq/Lite). This software allows the MA-720 hardware to run at the full sample rate to accurately display the EMG data in real-time but the WinDaq/Lite limits the sample rate at which data is written to disk to 240Hz, effectively limiting the WinDaq/Lite software to the display of EMG data. The WinDaq/Pro option is required if you plan to record EMG data via the MA-720-USB.