Interconnection Cables

Motion Lab Systems stocks a number of standard cables used by our EMG systems. Please call if you do not see the cable that you need illustrated below. We will quote for any custom cable that you require to connect one of our EMG systems.

MA-130 Analog Output Cables

All cables are six feet long and are manufactured using shielded cable with an isolated shield connection to avoid ground loops. Each cable is terminated with gold plated pins for easy connection to most data interfaces. Analog cables are available in different lengths, and with Plenum rated cable, to special order - please call for a quotation.

Please specify which EMG system you are using when placing an order for an Analog Output cable.

MA-130-100 - supports 10 EMG channels, 2 analog event switch outputs and 8 binary event switch outputs for MA100 systems.

MA-130-200 - supports 12 EMG channels, 1 EKG channel, and 2 event switch channels for MA200 systems.

MA-130-PIN - this supports 16 EMG channels, 4 research channels, and 2 event switch channels for MA300 and MA400 systems.

MA-130-BNC - supports 16 EMG channels, 4 research channels, and 2 event switch channels for MA300 systems.

MA-130-MYO - supports up to 16 EMG channels for myon systems - cables with BNC connectors for myon systems are available to special order - please call for a quotation.

MA-133 Coaxial Cables

The MA100 and MA300 systems use a miniature, 2.8mm, RG-174, 50 ohm, coaxial cable to supply DC power to the backpack and return the EMG signal to the desktop unit. The cables use coaxial LEMO connectors - the LEMO part number for the connector is FFA0A250CTAC27Z - each connector will require a GMA0B030DN strain relief.

MA-133-55 - when ordering for an MA100 system please specify the cable length that your system uses. This will be 35 feet, 55 feet or 70 feet and is marked on the rear of the DTU. DTU's with no marking will use a 55 foot cable. If you order the wrong length then the front panel EMG level display accuracy of the MA100 will be affected.

MA-133 - the default cable length for MA300 systems is 60 feet, cables can be up to 120 feet long by special order. MA300 systems can use any cable length (up to 120 feet) without affecting the system performance.

MA-233 Fiber Optic Cables

MA200 systems use the MA-233 fiber-optic cable. These are available by special order and use a Toshiba TOCP155 connector that is no longer manufactured - this is the same Fibre Optic cable used by the Run Technologies Myopac EMG systems (TL3-16C-023) and can be used with Run Tech EMG systems. The cables are 23 metres (approximately 75 feet) long - we have a limited number of fiber optic cables remaining in stock.

Event Switch Cables

Motion Lab Systems can supply a complete range of event switch connector cables for all of our current and discontinued EMG systems - full details of each systems physical connection information can be found here.

There are three connector types, LEMO, BINDER and HARWIN. The HARWIN connector was used by all early MA300 backpacks while the 5-pin LEMO connector is used by the Foot Switch channels in the current MA300 backpack and the MA100 and MA200 systems. The MA100 and MA300 LEMO connectors have an identical pin-out while the MA200 systems require a different internal connection. The MA300-XII system used the BINDER "AUX" channel connector to record event switch information.

All systems use an identical connector at the event switch end that is designed to offer maximum reliability and ease of use.

The event switch cables are supplied as a pair (two identical cables) and connect directly to your MA100, MA200 or MA300 EMG system (specify which when you order). Each cable includes the correct system connector and event switch cord receptacle.

MA300-X systems do not support independent event switches and require an adaptor cable to use event switches with either the AUX channels (MA300-XII) or EMG channels (MX300-XII or MX300-XVI).

MA300-XII systems support the recording of events via both the AUX and EMG inputs.

MA-136 Event Switch Cords

These Event Switch Cords connect between the event switch cables (MA-135, MA-235, MA-335) and the MLS event switches (MA-153). They are designed to be an inexpensive, easy to use, cable that allows the event switch to be placed anywhere under the subjects foot during gait. Supplied in a set of eight cords, each cord has a two pin BERG connector at each end and is approximately 160mm long.

Order part number MA-136 event switch cords for MA100, MA200, and MA300 systems as well as custom applications using our Event Switches.

000-391 Ground Reference Cables

Although many EMG preamplifiers include a ground reference connection it is often possible to improve the signal and eliminate AC line noise by ensuring a good ground reference. Motion Lab Systems offers a Stainless Steel, 32mm grounding with a 30" leads and 1.5 mm DIN Touch proof Female Safety Jack.

The DIN Touch proof connector is an industry standard DIN 42-802 connector that cannot be connected to an AC outlet. It complies with the Performance Standard for Electrode Lead Wires and Patient Cables (Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter 21, Part 898), effective May 11, 1998.