Motion Lab Systems Software

All Motion Lab Systems software applications are site licensed applications. This means that purchasing a copy of the software entitles the purchaser to run as many copies of the software as they wish at the licensed site or location. This feature makes the software easy to administer and install on multiple computers without the need to purchase individual software licenses.

This feature makes our software very attractive in academic environments as the software can be freely distributed to students within the institution for use without the need to track users.

We offer a wide range of software programs that provide a range of EMG analysis and graphing functions as well fully sporting the C3D and CAMARC file formats. All our programs are easy to use, and run on any Windows 32-bit or 64-bit operating system.

All Motion Lab Systems software programs are available in free evaluation versions that allow you to download the program directly from this web site and try it in your own lab before deciding if you wish to purchase the application. If you have a problem with any evaluation program then please contact us for technical assistance.

EMG Analysis - A research quality EMG analysis program that implements powerful analysis methods using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) techniques.

EMG Graphing - A simple and easy to use EMG program that graphs any cyclic EMG activity to produce reports of the EMG activity. Supports raw EMG and Rectified EMG output by Trial and Gait Cycle.

EMG4VCM - EMG4VCM software enhances the EMG reports generated by the VICON Clinical Manager program used by many VICON systems. Our software adds raw EMG displays to the standard VCM graphs and allows the reviewer to determine the quality of the original signal by examining the unprocessed original EMG signal directly.

ReportGenerator - Print and view any number of Gait Reports with our new Report Generator. This program allows up to 120 GCD files to be plotted in a single graph, is fully compatible with existing RPT files (VCM), and adds many useful enhancements to improve the appearance of your printed output.

C3Deditor - This is a powerful, general purpose, file editor for any C3D file format. It offers conversion, filtering and interpolation in addition to full parameter editing capabilities in the Windows environment.

C3Dserver - The Motion Lab Systems C3Dserver is a C3D Software Development Kit (SDK) for all 32-bit Microsoft Windows™ environments that supports most common programming languages. It is supplied with sample applications for Excel™, as well as source code for applications written in Visual Basic and C++. The C3Dserver SDK evaluation version is fully functional and available free of charge for individual or non-commercial use.

RData2 - Use RData2 to export biomechanics binary data to ASCII text files that are easily read by any other program. Reads any C3D format, Dataq format, Vicon ADC and VAD formats, Motion Analysis ANA files and BTS EMG files - generates CAMARC DST files and user defined TXT files.

MLSviewer - An easy to use C3D and CAMARC file viewer that displays the contents of C3D and GCD/DST formatted files. C3D files are widely used throughout the biomechanics community while the GCD/DST are ASCII files are used to store biomechanical data and the processed results of Clinical Gait Analysis calculations.

Graffiti is a free program that installs on the toolbar of your computer and serves up fortune cookies and other pearls of wisdom for your amusement and entertainment - it also provides shortcuts to our web site home page, and our biomechanics links page. Graffiti is supplied with a large and eclectic number of cookie collections and sound effects. In addition to displaying amusing messages (cookies), it can also be configured to add rotating signatures to messages created by various email programs. Graffiti has absolutely nothing to do with EMG, Gait Analysis, C3D or Biomechanics.