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These links take you to commercial and non-commercial sites with information, or of interest to, anyone in the Gait Analysis, Biomechanics, Electromyography, and Motion Capture fields. Please note that some of the institutions that host these sites change their web sites on a fairly regular basis which may result in broken links.

The lists are organized (alphabetical order within each section) into the following categories:

This page was last updated on October 23, 2017

Academic - Gait or Human Movement related sites.

Commercial - Biofeedback, EMG, Force Plates, Motion Capture etc.

Gait Analysis and Motion Research Laboratories

We welcome link submissions from laboratories and research facilities involved in Motion Capture, Gait Analysis, EMG Recording and EMG Research.

Many links in this catagory become lost when the institutional website is updated or changed thus breaking our referance. When this happens the link here will be removed until we recieve updated information.

Miscellaneous Links

This section contains links that are not strictly biomechanical but may be useful to researchers and people interested in the study of biomechanics, gait and motion.