18 channel EMG system

MA300-18 EMG System- Affordable yet Versatile!

A complete EMG system, with six EMG channels, ready to connect to any 3D motion or data collection system.

Includes EMG Analysis Software for advanced gait cycle analysis and research.

An optional MA720-USB EMG data collection system is available for standalone use.

A Complete 18 Channel EMG System

The most affordable general purpose MA300 EMG System that features 6 full emg system backpackEMG channels, 4 extra auxiliary channels and 8 on/off event channels in one subject backpack. Offering dependable EMG signals this system includes everything you need to connect to your data collection or motion capture system, including 6 of your choice of preamplifiers. Featuring our unique 8 position low pass filter, individual gain controls, two subject vests, and signal level indicators on each EMG channel as well as including our Advanced EMG Analysis Software.

MA300-18 EMG systems include: